Jensen Cummings

Jensen Cummings is a fifth-generation Chef and Certified Cicerone based in Denver, CO. His efforts through his brands, Best Served Creative and Best Served Podcast, are tireless in the pursuit […]

Megan Bucholz

Megan Bucholz is the founding foodie of Local Table Tours, which provides culinary tours in Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins. Megan is one of the Festival’s emcees, and a former […]

Clint Carroll

Clint Carroll is an associate professor in the Department of Ethnic Studies at CU-Boulder and an Executive Board member of the Center for Native American and Indigenous Studies at CU-Boulder. […]

Jackie Chang

Jackie Chang is the full-time cheesemaker at Haystack Mountain Cheese. Since 2004, she has been developing and making their perennially award-winning hand-made cheeses. When not working over a milk vat […]

Linnea Covington

Linnea Covington has written about food for over a decade, first in New York City and now back in her hometown of Denver. Since returning to the Mile High City […]

Omri Dayan

Omri Dayan is a 19-year-old writer-director currently studying at the MET Film School in London. He is currently developing a series of short films focusing on human nature and tendencies. […]

Greg D’alesandre

As Dandelion Chocolate Chief Chocolate Sourcerer, Greg D’alesandre travels the world in search of the best cacao to use to make great chocolate. He feels strongly about sourcing cacao directly […]

Suzanne Jones

Suzanne “Zan”Jones is the Executive Director of Eco-Cycle, the Boulder  County non-profit recycler founded in 1976. Jones, a former mayor of the City of Boulder, has a long history of […]

Scott Faber

Scott Faber is the Senior Vice President for the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a national environmental health organization. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law […]

Hayden Dansky

Hayden Dansky (pronouns: they/them/theirs) is a Co-Founder and the current Executive Director of Boulder Food Rescue, a nonprofit that works to create a more just and less wasteful food system […]

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