January 28 - February 5, 2021

About the Festival

The Flatirons Food Film Festival is an annual multi-day feast celebrating exceptional culinary cinema. The events take place in Boulder, Colorado, a city known as the epicenter of the natural foods industry and locus of the American craft brewing renaissance. The festival includes film showings, expert speakers, discussions, and food and beverage-related events. Prior to 2021 when we are holding a virtual Festival, our primary venue has been the Canyon Theater of the Boulder Public Library. We have also screened films at eTown and on the CU-Boulder campus in conjunction with the International Film Series. Come join us to feast on film.

Festival Founder and Executive Director

Festival director Julia JounThe Flatirons Food Film Festival is the initiative of film and culinary buff Julia Joun. Her twin passions for film and the wide-ranging world of food motivated her to create and run the festival.

The festival is a year-round endeavor for Julia. She’s constantly sniffing out food films and researching print and Web articles about the many aspects of gastronomy.  If you see her around town, say hello.

We made Julia tell us what led her to take this on and why she is so passionate about both food and films. Check out her story.

You can contact Julia through our contact page.

Festival Board

The Flatirons Food Film board consists of the following individuals, who are well-versed in film, gastronomy, and much more.

  • Andrew Calabrese is a professor of Media Studies, an Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs, in the University of Colorado’s College of Media, Communication, and Information (CMCI).
  • Gregory Bair-Caruso is a Culinary R&D Technologist at The Jack Fruit Company, specializing in frozen food.
  • Jane Roach is Owner and Consultant of Chandra Services, LLC, which provides accounting, bookkeeping, and consulting services to small business owners.
  • Karen Spies is Owner, Web Developer, Digital Artist, and Strategist at SpyLabz, which provides business marketing and digital representation solutions.

Advisory Board

The Flatirons Food Film Festival advisory board consists of the following former festival board members, who have agreed to lend their expertise.

  • Dan Hayward is owner and operator of Savory Spice Shop – Boulder.
  • Dana Faulk Query is President and Principal of Mable & Chung, a restaurant consulting and marketing firm.
  • Eric Skokan is Chef and Owner of Black Cat Farm-Table-Bistro and Bramble and Hare in Boulder and owner and chief farmer of Black Cat Farm.
  • Eve Orenstein is Director of Opera on Tap Colorado and Founder and Director of Mile High Swappers.
  • Heather Seidel is Co-Owner of Snarf’s Sandwiches.
  • Jill C. Brooke is a film curator, producer, and promoter with over 20 years of film festival experience.
  • Kelly Whitaker is Chef and Co-owner of Basta in Boulder.
  • Kuvy Ax is Founder and Owner of ROOT Marketing & PR, a public relations and marketing company oriented to the food and beverage industries.
  • Megan Bucholz is the founder and operator of Local Table Tours, which offers guided culinary tours of Boulder and Denver.
  • Nicolle Thompson is Director of Marketing at the Renegade Brewing Company.
  • Pablo Kjolseth is Director of the International Film Series at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
  • Ramon Diaz founded and directed the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival for five years.
  • Willow King is Co-founder and Owner of Ozuké, a company that specializes in probiotic fermented pickled vegetables.

Festival Public Relations

ROOT Marketing & PR handles public relations for the Flatirons Food Film Festival. It specializes in strategic communications, traditional public relations, social media, and special events for the food and beverage industries.

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