Puppet-Making for Everyone

Saturday, January 30, 10-11:45am

Instructor: Master Puppeteer Cory Gilstrap

Films: Michael Jackson – Thriller (Sock Puppet Parody) and Sock Puppet Film Noir.

Puppet-making for Everyone was a free class for kids ages 4 and up taught by master puppet-maker Cory Gilstrap. Parents are welcome to participate and make their own puppets or help their kids. This event also included two short films.

Anyone can make and have fun with their puppet. If you want to make a movie with puppets, we will show you how to make the puppets. The rest is up to you.

To make a puppet, you just need a sock, scissors, glue, and everyday materials like buttons, dried food, bottle caps, ribbon, and fabric scraps to create a face and dress up your sock puppet. If you want, you can go fancy and get materials at a crafts store like googly eyes, glitter glue, and crystals but you can stick with household items and make a great puppet. When it comes to sock puppets, food is good for more than eating. Make sure that you gather your equipment and materials before the class so you can go, go, go once it starts.

Recommended materials


  • Scissors
  • Glue
    • Tacky Glue (use a blob, not a dab, not a gob…just a blob)
    • Hot glue


Sock (s): Any socks will do, new or used. Use one sock for every puppet that you wish to make


The more variety that you have, the greater selection from which you can choose.

Dry foods

  • Hard candy
  • Cereal (the more colorful and bigger the pieces the better)
  • Pasta (instructions for dyeing pasta prior to the class)

Craft materials

Craft materials are available at any hobby, craft store, or variety store, and, maybe, your own home.

  • Foam pieces and foam sheets
  • Buttons and beads
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners (variety of colors)
  • Feathers (variety of colors)
  • Yarn (variety of colors)
  • Scrap fabric (felt, prints, cotton cloth, etc.)
  • Permanent markers (all colors)

Price: Free of charge

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