Board of Directors

The Flatirons Food Film Festival is a 501c3 nonprofit. Its mission is: “To celebrate food culture and community by hosting a series of films and events intended to entertain, educate, and inspire”

The Festival board of directors is a working board. Board members take active roles in helping plan and hold events and maintaining the organization. They are also responsible for governance, such as setting policies and direction, and creating short and long-term plans.

We are actively seeking new board members. Write to us at Info at if you would like to chat or receive an application to join our board.

Board member responsibilities

We prize board members with a passion for food and film who value the Festival and our mission. Following are board member requirements.

  • Attend a monthly board meeting and yearly retreat
  • Actively communicate and being responsive
  • Lead or significantly contribute to one or more committees
  • Help recruit new board members and volunteers
  • Be actively involved in basic board fundraising efforts
  • Two-year renewable commitment
  • Attend Festival events
  • Bring your energy, enthusiasm, and talents

Volunteer committees

Following is a list of our volunteer committees. For further information, see  Volunteer Committees.

  • Administration
  • Events
  • Programs
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Outreach
  • Volunteers

Current Festival board

The Flatirons Food Film board consists of the following individuals, who are well-versed in film, gastronomy, and much more.

  • Andrew Calabrese is a professor of Media Studies, an Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs, in the University of Colorado’s College of Media, Communication, and Information (CMCI).
  • Gregory Bair-Caruso is a Senior Manager of R&D and Product Development at Cappello’s.
  • Jane Roach is Owner and Consultant of Chandra Services, LLC, which provides accounting, bookkeeping, and consulting services to small business owners.
  • Karen Spies is Owner, Web Developer, Digital Artist, and Strategist at SpyLabz, which provides business marketing and digital representation solutions.

Advisory board

The Flatirons Food Film Festival advisory board consists of the following former festival board members, who have agreed to lend their expertise.

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