October 21 - 22, 2022

Volunteer Committees

Among other activities, volunteers create Festival content, plan and coordinate food-related events, and raise funds. Following are our committees and associated tasks. We expect committee members to share responsibilities.

Please Contact Us if you want to volunteer! Or, drop a note at Info at flatirons@foodfilmfest.org

  • Administration
    • Arrange speaker travel and accommodations
    • Manage internship programs
    • Plug up gaps
  • Events (planning and coordination)
    • Determine event needs, including staffing, setup. decor, and logistics
    • Create event plans
    • Inventory existing supplies and acquire new ones, if necessary
    • Coordinate and carry out event plans
    • Manage details of event in motion
  • Programs (films, events, speakers)
    • Find, evaluate, and book films
    • Find and enlist speakers for films and discussions
    • Create film-related event concepts
    • Work on the children’s program
    • Manage the Colorado student film program
    • Coordinate film reviewing effort
    • Arrange creative collaborations (businesses, nonprofits, and other arts and food-oriented organizations)
  •  Fundraising
    • Create fundraising plan
    • Coordination
    • Create sponsorship, patron, and individual donor campaigns
    • Grant-writing
    • In-kind donations
  • Marketing
    • Graphic design
    • Social media
    • Copy-writing (website and email content, press releases, newsletters, event pages like EventBrite)
    • Digital and print campaigns
    • Managing advertising
    • Website design
    • Coordination
    • Meetup group
    • Audience surveys
  • Outreach
    • Attend networking events
    • Form relationships with individuals and other organizations
  • Volunteers
    • Solicit volunteers (Festival event sign-up sheets, public posts, Volunteer Match, Boulder County Farmers Markets tables)
    • Organize and orient volunteers
    • Assign and manage event volunteers
    • Post-Festival volunteers party
  • Technology
    • WordPress website management
    • Technology evaluation, procurement, and implementation

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