Cinematic Art

The saying that we eat with our eyes spotlights the power of vision, both literal and figurative, to affect our other senses and interpret the world. Rob Lantz, R Gallery owner, has enabled us to tap into that power by curating an exhibition of visual art inspired by Flatirons Food Film Festival film.

R Gallery was founded in March 2019 to make fine art approachable and available to art lovers by giving Colorado artists a prominent downtown Boulder gallery location. They are curating a diverse and unique art experience for those visiting Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall.

Commissioning the Art

For this second year of cinematic art, Lantz invited 12 Colorado artists to participate, assigning artists to A Taste of Sky, First Cow, Gather, Food Fighter, and Sacred Cow. Their works are varied in media (paintings, mixed media, sculpture, photography) though most are paintings. Most of the artists are painters who reside in Boulder county.


R Gallery (2027 Broadway, Boulder) staged a complete exhibition of the cinematic art from January 21 to February 21. The show was available at the gallery and online.

A Taste of Sky

Connie Slack: A Gift for Bolivia
A Gift for Bolivia

Connie Slack‘s paintings are bold, colorful abstractions reflecting life experiences. She often paints to music allowing rhythmic brushstrokes to dance across the canvas. Her tools are brushes, acrylic paint and a touch of magic. Connie’s reward is to have the viewer get a sense of the magic. She has been painting many years and am still surprised. Learn more about A Gift for Bolivia.

Gail Pederson is a mixed media artist in Boulder, CO. She spent her childhood coloring in any coloring book she could find along with free-handing her favorite themes of dogs, clouds, trees and flowers. Her work echoes these childhood memories while bringing a unique mixed-media style incorporating pen, ink, and acrylic. Learn more about Follow Your Heart.

Gail Pederson: Follow Your Heart
Follow Your Heart

First Cow

Kim Roberts: First Cow
First Cow

Kim Roberts is a Colorado-based abstract painter. Trained as a psychotherapist as well as a yoga and meditation teacher, she brings a meditative state of mind to her work as an artist. Her work is about spaciousness and peace whether it’s the vast expanse of a mountain landscape or the peaceful quality of mind that arises within it. While painting has always been part of her personal practice, she committed to making art in 2015. She is the author of two books: Ashtanga Yoga for Beginner’s Mind and Toward a Secret Sky: Creating Your Own Modern Pilgrimage. Learn more about First Cow.

Cabin by Paul and Elena Jones

Paul and Elena Jones are a father and daughter artist team that works mostly in metals and wood. They are currently collaborating to design and create a natural series of sculptures. In this series, they utilize copper to emulate and celebrate the life forms in North America. Learn more about Cabin.


Karen Armon: Wasake Tatonka
Wasake Tatonka

As a fine art oil painter, Karen Armon creates landscapes for collectors who want to love and cherish their paintings forever. She works one-on-one with art lovers to offer unique pieces that reflect their individual values and style for their home or office. As a result, her collectors often develop a special connection and relationship that lasts a lifetime. Learn more about Wasake Tatonka.

Natalie Brey: The Watcher
The Watcher

Natalie Brey is a fine artist living in Boulder, Colorado. She works in oil and mixed media. Learn more about The Watcher.


Megan Morgan is a fine artist and graphic designer living in Louisville, Colorado. She worked as a junior designer at the prestigious Monigle Associates agency in Denver before moving to Steamboat Springs in 1998 to fulfill a lifelong dream of Rocky Mountain living. Megan owns and operates Strange Bird Designs together with her husband, Jamie. Learn more about Give.

Food Fighter

ConnieLuebbert: The Color of Life
The Color of Life

Connie Luebbert is an international award-winning graphic designer and owner of salt and light studios (1999), which has clients worldwide. As a re-emerging painter, she is currently working in watercolor and India ink wash, and on rice paper for a variety of series: Animals, Americana, and Landscapes. Recently, encaustic has become a new medium incorporating wax pigments and her Americanized Chinese Brush Painting series. Learn more about The Color of Life.

Rob Lantz: Waste Not
Waste Not

Rob Lantz’s work is not as much about capturing a realistic image as it is about echoing the sensations nature evokes. From the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea, he likes to venture to the extremes to find inspiration. Rob says, “I love creating images that tell the story of the incredible places.” Learn more about Waste Not.

Sacred Cow

Lisa Baird: Second Cow
Second Cow

Lisa Baird is an artist living in the mountains near Fraser, Colorado. Growing up in the Midwest, she studied art and glassblowing at Hastings College. She also studied painting at the Art Students League of Denver,  dabbled in photography with John Fielder, and oil painting with Karen Vance. When not painting, you may find her out hiking, cycling, or skiing on area trails or just kicking back and enjoying life with family and friends. Learn more about Second Cow.

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