The Family Farm That Supplies World-Class Chefs

Great Big Story 2016, USA, English, 2:26 min The Chef’s Garden in Huron, Ohio, strives to farm produce in a thoughtful way—organically and with special care for the soil. This […]


Director: Irina Nguyen 2015, France, 1:46 min Ramen is an animated short film that depicts a prolonged ramen meal with an insatiable diner and the server who takes advantage of […]

The Korean Farmer

Director: Marshall Lee 2017, USA,  English, 3:20 min In May 2017, Marshall Lee, director of this film, sat down with a close friend. Lee fixed up his friend with a […]


Saturday, September 28, 4pm Alamo Drafthouse Westminster, 8905 Westminster Blvd., Westminster Filmmaker: Juzo Itami 1987, Japan, Japanese, 114 min Co-presented with the Alamo Drafthouse Westminster Speaker: Jesusio Silva One of […]

Small Bites: Short Films for Food People

Saturday, October 12, 12:30pm eTown, 1535 Spruce St., Boulder Small Bites: Short Films for Food People is a program of short films that includes our Colorado Student Film Contest winning […]

Seared: The Journey of a Chef

Director: Ben Gustafson 2017, USA, English, 8:25 min Beaten by a life of injustice and crime, a young man’s plan to end it all turns into a life of renewed […]

Grain Changers

Filmmaker: Andrew Calabrese 2019, USA,  English, 11.52 min Speaker: Andrew Calabrese Grain Changers captures an ongoing discussion that educators, bakers and farmers have about how to raise awareness of ancient […]


Director: Madison Santamaria 2019, USA,  English, 10:50 min Speakers: Madison Santamaria Colorado Student Film Contest grand prize winner On the night of her red-eye flight back overseas, a young, bright-eyed […]


Directors: Aabriti Shrestha, Sophia Schelle 2019, USA,  English, 5:24 min Speakers: Aabriti Shrestha, Sophia Schelle Colorado Student Film Contest winner A young woman struggles with her obsession to be in […]

Cake Mix

Director: Leilani Osmundson 2019, USA,  English, 2:43 min Colorado Student Film Contest winner A fun experimental music film combining the beats of the beaters with electronic beats. Leilani Osmundson is a […]

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