Director: Madison Santamaria
2019, USA,  English, 10:50 min
Speakers: Madison Santamaria
Colorado Student Film Contest grand prize winner

On the night of her red-eye flight back overseas, a young, bright-eyed and brazen woman reporter is faced with an ill-timed accident that ruins months of research for an article that would have saved her career.

Resigning herself to the night, she settles into a local, homely ramen restaurant and orders a cup of hot sake, falling into steady yet forced conversation with the placid and guarded chef serving her. Like an onion, she peels away his layers until she finds the vulnerable, beating heart at his core; a heartrending story of love, once flourished, lost in an instant.

Madison Santamaria will introduce their film.

Film Program: Small Bites: Short Films for Food People

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