Grain Changers

Filmmaker: Andrew Calabrese
2019, USA,  English, 11.52 min
Speaker: Andrew Calabrese

Grain Changers captures an ongoing discussion that educators, bakers and farmers have about how to raise awareness of ancient or heirloom grains, and how important they are for our communities. Some major questions are how to make ancient grains profitable and accessible as well as how to effectively communicate to the public why they are important?

The films includes the following local Colorado grain experts and others who are working to make ancient grains profitable and accessible:

Dr. Nana Meyer of the UCCS Grain School (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs); Andy Clark, owner of and baker at Moxie Bread Co (Louisville, CO); Mona Esposito, President of the Colorado Grain Chain; Dr Stephen S. Jones, Director of The Bread Lab (Washington State University); and Stephens Land and Cattle (Jennings, KS).

Andrew Calabrese will introduce his film.

Grain farmer

Film Program: Small Bites: Short Films for Food People

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