The festival program takes shape around the films that we select. An important factor in film selection is making sure that the overall program is diverse and balanced. We want to educate, delight, and entertain. We also want to represent the innumerable ways the world relates to food.

Therefore, we make sure that the festival screens feature films (dramas, comedies, etc.) as well as documentaries. If there’s a great unsung animated food film, we’ll take a look. We like our films to be new-ish and fresh to most audiences. We like to present films that look at experiences both in the U.S. and internationally.

The mix of films depends on the films currently available. If the year has more excellent documentaries than feature films, the festival will screen more documentaries. Whatever the mix, we make sure that we screen a current politically oriented film so as to not lose track of the political dimension of food.

Above all, a film has to hold our interest and be well made. It has to be a great film.

After we book the films, we plan events that dovetail with the films. We enlist an expert speaker to introduce each film. Other events include post-film panel discussions, meals at restaurants, celebrations, farm tours, and cooking demonstrations. Events occur on and off the CU-Boulder campus.