A Six Dollar Cup of Coffee

Saturday, January 30, 1:45pm

Director: Alejandro Díaz San Vicente, Andres Ibañez Díaz Infante
2018, Mexico, Spanish, 72 mins

Speakers:  Abbas Barzegar, C. Leigh Holbrook

An indigenous Tseltal-Maya family of coffee producers struggle to build their heritage and a dignified life by not selling their product as a raw material seeking alternatives, processing it and selling it in a cup outside the traditional economic system.

The story connects the coffee cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico with the third wave coffee shops and their demanding baristas in Seattle, U.S.A. The film explore a fragile community of coffee producers struggling to find their place in the harsh reality of the global coffee market.

Alejandro Díaz San Vicente Infante will introduce the film. A recorded coffee demo and discussion with Abbas Barzegar and C. Leigh Holbrook will follow the showing.

Admission: $12

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