Leigh Holbrooke

C. Leigh Holbrook

C. Leigh Holbrook is the founder and director of OneHome Collective, a nonprofit organization focused on uniting and strengthening the solidarity supply chain across the coffee industry. Leigh’s interest in social transformation and justice led her to move to Chiapas, Mexico to learn the impact of a solidarity economic model from the Tzeltal-Maya coffee community. She is completing her M.A. at Georgia State University in comparative religion and doing research on the impact of alternative economic models for small-holder coffee farmers. Driven by her passion for engaging youth in community collaboration, she designed an innovative project-based high school curriculum that gives students the opportunity to work on solutions for real world issues of justice, peacebuilding, and social transformation that will be implemented in Atlanta in 2021.

She will participate in a recorded discussion about emerging world of sustainable coffee after A Six Dollar Cup of Coffee.

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