Short Films: Keepers of Black American Food Culture

Monday, February 1, 6:30pm

Keepers of Black American Food Culture was a collection of short films from the Southern Foodways Alliance (SFA). Based out of the University of Mississippi’s Center for the Study of Southern Culture, SFA serves as progressive and inclusive catalysts for the greater South, documenting and studying important vessels of diverse food cultures in the form of films and podcasts to student projects, and of which especially preserve oral histories.

The selected films featured stories that celebrate the great feats and flavors of seven Black American culinary personalities. Or, perhaps as series film Table of Ideas sums up, “The tribute to African American achievement in cookery is yet to be written.” Adrian Miller, featured in the film, read this passage from the book Southern Food by John Egerton, which inspired him to uplift African American cuisine. And yet, it could be argued that this film and the subsequent six film, shine as tributary examples of the hard work put forth in both preserving and inspiring Black American food culture.

Following are the films for this program.

  • Table of Ideas
  • Soul of the Kitchen
  • Food Work
  • Full Circle: The Ballad of Rodney and Roscoe
  • Black American Cuisine: Mashama Bailey Takes the Bus Station
  • Dora Charles Puts Her Foot In It
  • Kevin Young: Ode to Gumbo

Melissa Booth Hall will introduce the film. A discussion with Adrian Miller and Joe York will follow the showing.

$12 General Admission

Soul of the Kitchen photo

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