Setting the Bar: A Craft Chocolate Origin Story

Friday, February 5, 6:30pm


Director: Tim Shephard
2018, US, English | Spanish, 85 mins

Speakers: Steve Bergin, Greg D’Alesandre, Nate Hodge, John Lehndorff, Tim Shepherd

Setting the Bar: A Craft Chocolate Origin Story follows the top craft chocolate makers in the world as they journey through the deep jungles of the Peruvian Amazon in search of rare native cacao varietals that have never been used in chocolate production. Share in the passion and excitement of the chocolate makers as they travel into the unknown, find purpose in the stories of the indigenous cacao farmers, and view first-hand the widespread impacts of deforestation, drug trade, and large agribusinesses on the Amazonian way of life.

Join them as they confront the myriad of issues facing the craft chocolate industry today, hearing from people on all sides of the industry – from government officials and cacao experts, to Indigenous farmers and fermentation specialists. Setting the Bar uncovers a new era of sustainable chocolate trade: one that protects livelihoods, supports environmental sustainability, educates consumers to make better choices, and also creates award winning chocolate bars.

Before the discussion and with the speakers present, John Lehndorff will deliver a short lesson on how to taste chocolate.

Boulder and Denver restaurants will offer pre-ordered dinners with dishes that have mole sauce for viewers to eat while watching the concert or film. The Chocolate Club of Boulder Book Store in Boulder and St. Kilian’s Cheese Shop will offer a Festival craft chocolate bar pack with three bars from chocolate makers in the film that viewers can enjoy during the movie and the tasting talk. See Food, Glorious Food for information about the dinners and chocolate bar packs.

Tim Shepherd will introduce the film. A panel discussion with Steve Bergin, Greg D’alesandre, Nate Hodge, John Lehndorff, and Tim Shepherd will follow the film.

Note: This film program will also be available on Saturday, February 6 until 11:59pm.

Admission: $12

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