October 21 - 22, 2022

Flatirons Food Film Festival Event Coordinator Job Description



As the newest Flatirons Food Flatirons Food Film Festival event coordinator, you will be one of two or three event coordinators. Your group will be critical to the success of the Festival and other events. You will make a difference. Together, the event coordinators will perform the following functions.

  • Provide feedback on prospective event venues
  • Determine event needs, including staffing, setup, furniture, and equipment
  • Meet with venue person to:
    • Determine available furniture and equipment
    • Solicit A/V system details and make sure they meet event needso
    • Obtain floor plan or get the information needed to create an event setup floor plan
    • Go over event details, including setup to confirm that they are acceptable
    • Make sure all rental space requirements are understood and addressed, including setup and break down timing, cleanup, and trash/recycling/compost
  • If necessary, apply for special events liquor license and follow up on all phases of license procurement
  • Book rentals as needed
  • Interface with vendors, donors, and event participants like entertainers to determine contribution details, specific needs, clarify event details, and solicit signage information and logo files
  • Communicate with volunteer coordinator about staffing needs
  • Create pick-up schedule for event needs, including donations and supplies
  • With volunteer coordinator, assign volunteers to specific jobs
  • Manage volunteers and paid staff, including communicating event details and job assignments, supervising during event, and thanking them after the event
  • Create event floor plan for setup
  • Determine screening needs if assistance is needed, make sure A/V system is operational, and A/V system operator understands screening needs
  • Discuss décor and event details with Executive Director
  • Assess the needs and maintain the supply of the following: Linens, plates, silverware, napkins, serving utensils and vessels, ice, power
  • Ensure POS systems like EventBrite and Square are working correctly
  • Determine signage timeline and coordinate with signage creator
  • Make sure contracts, logos, payments, and comp tickets are handled
  • Stage supplies, if possible
  • Manage details of event in motion
  • Oversee cleanup
  • Make sure Festival supplies are returned to storage space and update inventory
  • Make sure linens are washed after the event
  • Thank vendors, donors, and event participants

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