What You Eat Matters: A Virtual Series on Health and Nutrition

Saturday November 14th

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The connections between diet and health are long-established. On Saturday, November 14th, the Flatirons Food Film Festival will explore this topic with What You Eat Matters: A Virtual Series on Health and Nutrition. The series will present programs on the health effects of sugar at 2:30pm and what people should eat to be healthy at 6:30pm with a 75-minute break between the two. Both events will include a streaming documentary as well as short small group conversations and a panel discussion and Q&A on Zoom.

Boulder and Denver-area restaurants will offer healthy takeout dinners for sale that viewers can eat while watching In Defense of Food. See Healthy takeout dinners for more information.

Those who can’t join the live presentations can access the films and recorded discussions until midnight (MDT) on Sunday, November 22. They can also buy tickets until then.

Each program is $10. The series with both programs is $16.


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Sugar Coated, 2:30-5:30pm (MST)


Sugar Coated investigates sugar,  its toxicity, and why we failed to see it as a major health threat for so long. How did the food industry get us to stop asking the question: is sugar toxic? It all starts with a secret PR campaign dating back to the 1970s that Cristin Kearns uncovered. Internal documents exposed how the sugar industry used tobacco-style tactics to dismiss troubling health claims against their products. For forty years, Big Sugar deflected all threats to its multi-billion dollar empire, while sweetening the world’s food supply. As obesity, diabetes, and heart disease rates skyrocket, doctors are now treating the first generation of children suffering from fatty liver disease. The sugar industry is once again under siege.

Director Michelle Hozer will introduce the film.

Panelists include Martha Carlin of The BioCollective, Assistant Professor Cristin Kearns of the UC-San Francisco School of Dentistry, Div of Oral Epidemiology & Dental Public Health and Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies, Dr. Kristine Madsen of the School of Public Health at UC-Berkeley and the Berkeley Food Institute, and Tessa Hale and Christina Edstrom from Boulder County Public Health. Alan Lewis, director of government affairs and food and agriculture policy for Natural Grocers, will moderate.


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In Defense of Food, 6:30pm (MST)

“Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants.” may become your mantra if you watch In Defense of Food. Based on the best-selling book of the same name by author and journalist Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food follows Pollan on his journey to find out what we should eat to be healthy. He talks with medical professionals, conducts cross-cultural studies, and tours a job training program and other situations where children and youths become familiar with vegetables and how they are grown.  He embraces the pleasure of eating and decries “food-like substances.”

Michael Pollan will deliver a recorded introduction of the film.

Panelists include Ann Cooper, Director of Food Services for Boulder Valley School District, Professor David Jacobs of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Kayla Birdsong, Executive Director of The GrowHaus, and Kena and Mark Guttridge of Ollin Farms. Sylvia Tawse of Fresh Ideas Group and Charlotte’s Web will moderate.


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In Defense of Food takeout dinners

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Enjoy a healthy dinner and celebrate whole natural foods from Boulder County and Denver restaurants while watching In Defense of Food. If you will be attending the Sugar Coated and In Defense of Food programs, there is an hour-long break between the two programs from 5:30 to 6:30pm to pick up your dinner.

Fresh Thymes Eatery (Boulder)

Fresh Thymes Winter Squash Risotto

Menu: $38 for a three-course dinner for one person, which Chef Christine Ruch created for this event

    • Winter Vegetable Salad
  • Winter Squash Risotto with Roasted Mycocosm Mushrooms (vegan option)

– or –

Roasted Pastured Chicken from J Hawk Farm (chicken option)

  • Pumpkin Caramel Cashew Cheesecake

Pre-order online until November 11, 5pm. Pick up at Fresh Thymes Marketplace (2690 28th Street, Suite F, Boulder CO) on Saturday, November 14 between 5 and 6pm.

Scratch Kitchen (Boulder)

Menu: Taco 3 Pack ($10.99) and Buddha Bowl ($12.99)

Taco 3 Pack Mix & Match: Something for everyone with this mix-and-match 3 pack of tacos. Mix and match any of their delicious tacos and choose a sauce. All tacos come served in a warm corn tortilla and with a lime wedge.

Buddha Bowl: Healthy and hearty. Includes brown rice quinoa blend, grilled tofu, avocado, cabbage blend, edamame, toasted chickpeas, marinated beets, sesame seeds, cilantro, and miso sesame vinaigrette.

Pre-order online (Taco 3 Pack Mix & Match) and Buddha Bowl) until Saturday, November 14, 3pm. Pick up at 2299 Pearl Street, Boulder. Phone: (303) 529-7188. Delivery available for orders $20 and over.


Morning Glory Cafe (Lafayette)

Morning Glory Buddha BowlMenu: Buddha Bowl ($18) and Pesto Crusted Salmon ($20)

Buddha Bowl (gluten-free): Includes a bed of black rice topped with black beans, fresh steamed vegetable mix, and cashew gravy. Protein: Chicken or Tofu. White cheddar cheese is optional.

Pesto Crusted Salmon: Pesto-glazed salmon with gluten-free creamy rigatoni tossed with sautéed spinach, shiitake mushrooms and sweet onions

Pre-order online until Saturday, November 14, 5pm. Pick up at 1377 Forest Park Cir #101, Lafayette. Phone: (303) 604-6351


Somebody People (Denver)

 $30 for the Flatirons Food Film Festival Dinner (choose five items from the list)

  • House-baked focaccia
  • Green local farms salad with turnip and vinaigrette (GF)
  • Ribollita soup, kale and cannellini beans (GF)
  • Choice of:
    –Seasonal lasagne with winter vegetables and bechamel sauce
    –Farinata, sweet potato, scallions, almond skordalia (GF)
  • Choice of:
    –Chocolate chip cookie
    –Chocolate mousse (gluten-free)

Pre-order online and select the Flatirons Food Film Festival meal. Or, order by phone by calling  (720) 502-5681 from 10am to 9pm, Tuesday through Sunday.

Pickup at 1165 S Broadway #104, Denver on Saturday, November 14 after 2pm.

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