October 21 - 22, 2022

Soup Of The Day

Filmmaker: Lynn Smith
2014, Canada, English, 4 min.

Set to a rollicking doo-wop song by Canadian songwriter Zander Ary, the animated short Soup of the Day tells the amusing story of the dilemma a husband and wife face every time they go out to eat. Will their culinary differences douse the flames of romance, or will love prevail? Director Lynn Smith brings her gouache paintings to life and serving up a tour de force of storytelling in song—a tasty comic narrative that bops along with an array of tantalizing dishes. Vocalists Susie Arioli and Alexander (Zander) Ary each bring a unique interpretation to this funny, loving song, and add a dash of tenderness to the colourful animated couple.

Soup Of The Day

Part of the Children and Family Food Traditions Program.

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