Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy

Saturday, October 12, 7pm

Canyon Theater, Boulder Public Library, 1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder

Filmmaker: Elizabeth Carroll
2019, USA/Mexico, English/Spanish, 82 min

Speakers: Andra Zeppelin, Claudette Zepeda

Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy is an intimate, candid view into the curious world of 96-year-old cookbook author and British expatriate Diana Kennedy, widely regarded as the world’s academic expert on Mexican cuisine. Diana is a formidable critic of anyone who doesn’t agree with her views on Mexican culinary traditions, or, God forbid, doesn’t recycle.

The author of nine acclaimed cookbooks, Diana has spent nearly seventy years exploring Mexico (typically solo in her truck), and researching the country’s varied and complex cuisines.

A two-time James Beard Award winner, Diana was decorated with an Order of the Aztec Eagle from the Mexican government in 1982 and became a Member of the Order of the British Empire from the UK in 2002. Despite her notable achievements, Diana is difficult to categorize; often referred to as the “Julia Child of Mexico”. Given her ediger style, however, Diana prefers a different title: “The Mick Jagger of Mexican Cuisine”.

Claudette Zepeda will introduce the film. Andra Zeppelin will interview Zepeda after the film.

An after party at Bramble and Hare will follow this program.

Preceding short: What if Tarantino made Spaghetti and Meatballs?

$25 per person

Ticket includes the Tribute to Diana Kennedy event.


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