Lunch Love Community

Oct. 25, 2015, 7pm
Muenzinger Auditorium, CU-Boulder campus

Helen De Michiel and Sophie Constantinou (Filmmakers)
USA, English, Color
Speakers: Chef Ann Cooper, Nutrition Services Director at the Boulder Valley School District, Eric Skokan of Black Cat Farm-Table-Bistro, Bryce Brown of the Growe Foundation
Facilitator: Helen De Michiel

The Lunch Love Community series of short documentaries explores the different facets that have made up the groundbreaking Berkeley School Lunch Initiative. The school food reform movement took root in Berkeley more than 15 years ago when a determined group of parents, teachers, food advocates and policy makers decided they needed to make change. These short films offer glimpses into how one community can lead the way towards larger systemic change in the way our children eat, how they think, and how they learn at school.

A selection of these films will be screened as a part of a community gathering focused on school food reform in the Boulder area, both in terms of the Boulder Valley School District Food Project and related efforts. Chef Ann Cooper, who was involved in the Berkeley initiative and is part of the documentaries, is now Nutrition Services Director at the Boulder Valley School District. She will deliver the keynote address and closing statement. Filmmaker Helen De Michiel will facilitate discussion between other speakers and the audience.

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