How We Grow

Sunday, October 14, 1:00pm

 Muenzinger Auditorium, CU-Boulder, 1905 Colorado Ave, Boulder

Filmmakers: Tomas Zuccareno and Haley Thompson
2017, USA, English, 65 mins
Speakers: Andy Breiter, Tomas Zuccareno, Woody Tasch

Walk into your local grocery store. Go to the produce section and look around. Ask yourself: Where does that food come from? The answer: Most is from California, Mexico, and Central America. Now head over to the deli/butcher/meat section. Do you know where and how that cow, pig, or chicken was raised? What it was fed? Who cared for it during its life? Even if you know the answers, are they the right answers? How We Grow is the story of young people who want to fundamentally change American agriculture. In the Roaring Fork Valley on Colorado’s Western Slope, a passionate group of young farmers and ranchers is learning to raise delicious, healthy, sustainable, locally-grown food for their community. With the support of mentors, legislators, educational programs, microfinancing, and, most of all, their community, they are building a healthy food future for all of us.

Director Tomas Zuccareno will introduce the film. A panel discussion with Andy Breiter, Woody Tasch, and Zuccareno will follow the screening.

Preceded by: The Hands that Feed Us: Amara Farm

$13 per person ($12 student/senior)

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