Weekend Smorgasbord

Weekend Smorgasbord

Friday, May 29th – Sunday, May 31st

Did you miss our weekly movie events?
Catch up on the first three movies and speaker discussions of Dinner and a Movie. During Weekend Smorgasbord, you can watch Tazzeka, East Side Sushi, Make Hummus Not War and their speaker discussions. You can also watch the discussion for Hot Doug’s: The Movie (Movie viewable on Amazon Prime).

Watch Director Anthony Lucero talk about his film, East Side Sushi, Peggy Markel of Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures bring her two decades of culinary experience in Morocco to discuss Tazzeka, and renowned Jewish food authority and cookbook writer Joan Nathan expound on hummus when examining Make Hummus Not War.

Plan theme nights and dig into Moroccan cuisine, sushi, and hummus to eat while watching the films! Or, chill on the pairings and take home a delicious fresh pasta meal kit from our friends at Pastificio Boulder.

Pastificio Boulder Meal Kits

Pastificio will donate 25% of sales of the Garganelli and Rigatoni fresh pasta meal kits ordered from their 2020 Flatirons Food Film Festival event page. Pastificio Boulder makes fresh pastas from heritage wheat and other grains.

Even if you do not get a Weekend Smorgasbord ticket, please consider getting a Smorgasbord fresh pasta meal kit from Pastificio.

Garganelli Puttanesca Pasta
Garganelli and Puttanesca Sauce Meal Kit
Pink Rigatoni Pasta Kit
Pink Rigatoni Meal Kit

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