Big Night

Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017 at 1:30 pm Muenzinger Auditorium, CU Boulder Campus

1996, USA, English/Italian, Color, 109 minutes

Big Night

This film is a drama about two Italian brothers who run a failing authentic Italian restaurant in 1950’s New Jersey and bank on saving their restaurant during one big night. 

The brothers Primo and Secondo have come from Italy to America in hopes of running a successful, authentic Italian restaurant in 1950s-era New Jersey. Unfortunately, they discover that they have an awful lot to learn about business in the New World. Much to their surprise, their newly opened Paradise Restaurant is not flooded with customers.

Things do not improve for the brothers and they go so deeply into debt that they are about to lose their business. In desperation, Secondo arranges for a dinner party at their rival’s restaurant. Secondo must then convince the volatile but brilliant Primo to cook the meal laid out by his hated rival. If the brothers can pull the dinner off without a hitch perhaps they will succeed.

Part of our 5th anniversary classic food film series. Chef Frank Bonanno of Bonanno Concepts will introduce the film.

Watch the official trailer!

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