2017 Film Festival Wrap Up

The 2017 Flatirons Food Film Festival was a smashing success! For our milestone fifth year, the documentaries about the following food trail blazers sold out: iconic cookbook author, television celebrity, and teacher James Beard; celebrated writer, farmer, activist, and rural prophet Wendell Berry; and iconic chef Jeremiah Tower, formerly of Stars and Chez Panisse. Our luncheon at Via Perla in tribute to our screening of the classic food film “Big Night” sold out, too.

The fermented food program with Mara King of Ozuké and a screening of the “A Journey through the People’s Republic of Fermentation” short film series nearly sold out. Audience members were heard to rave about the intermission with samples of food from the films made by Ozuké and Fresh Thymes Eatery and a fermented food smelling zoo.

Chef Jeremiah Tower graced us with his presence at our fifth anniversary party, introduced our screening of “Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent,” participated in a boffo post-screening interview with food journalist Amanda Faison, and attended the after party for the screening. Other visitors included Elizabeth Federici, director of “James Beard: America’s First Foodie;” Corrie Brown, co-founder of Zester Media; and Izabela Wojcik, Director of Beard House Programming at the James Beard Foundation.

For a first-hand report of this year’s festival, see Colin Wrenn’s article in 303 Magazine.


James Beard program, Rayback Collective (click for more photos)
Fifth anniversary party, Boulder Brands office (click for more photos)


Fermented food program, Boulder Public Library (click for more photos)
Jeremiah Tower program, Boulder Public Library (click for more photos)


“Big Night” luncheon, Via Perla restaurant (click for more photos)

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