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Thank you for a successful Flatirons Food Film Festival!

Cuban Food StoriesThe 6th annual Flatirons Food Film Festival (October 11-14) opened with a night of craft beer and ended with a twisted tale of pastry and deep subterfuge. Between opening and closing nights, we learned about Cuba’s food traditions, local food nonprofits, Anthony Bourdain from his friends, the struggle of opening a women run food truck in a refugee camp, passing on family traditions, how to nurture young farmers, and how to move away from factory farming.

Check out our photo albums from the 2018 festival:

Savory PiesBeer-tasting Dinner with Ray Daniels
Downtown Boulder Bites and Brews Tour
Suds: Brewmaster After Party
Cuban Food Stories: Reception
Children and Family Food Traditions
Homage to Anthony Bourdain
How We Grow
Eating Animals
The Unknown Connection Between Pollinators and Meat Production: Tim Brod
The Cakemaker: Closing Night Celebration and Cake Tasting

Congratulations to our student film contest winner Robin Bahrami!
Her short Made With Love screened before Cuban Food Stories on Friday October 12th.