Flatirons Food Film Festival Benefit

The Flatirons Food Film Festival is throwing a benefit. Help us bring two festival film directors to Boulder. If the stars are in our favor, we may have a special surprise festival guest, too.

Help us put together an even more fabulous festival. Spread the word about the benefit.

Many thanks to Blackbelly Market, BRU Handbuilt Ales and Eats, Cocktail Punk, Cured, Food Lab, Fior di Latte, Frasca Food and Wine, Kim and Jake’s Cakes, Modmarket, Robin’s Chocolates, Savory Spice Shop Boulder, West End Tavern, and Wonder Press Juice Bar for their support.

Flatirons Food Film Festival 2015 offers a cornucopia filled with films about food.

  • East Side Sushi
    A dramedy about a single-mother Latina who learns to love sushi and is determined to become a sushi chef despite cultural and gender discrimination.

  • Farang
    A documentary about celebrated chef Andy Ricker, who is so passionate about the authenticity of the Northeastern Thai food served in his Pok Pok restaurants that he regularly travels to Thailand to renew his palate and glean recipes from open market grandmothers.

  • The Search for General Tso
    A documentary that explores Chinese-American food, assimilation, and cultural heritage through an inquiry into the origins of General Tso’s chicken.

  • Inhabit
    A documentary about permaculture, a system of agricultural and social design principles that works by following the patterns and features of natural ecosystems.

  • Lunch Love Community
    Selected films from a suite of short films that cover how parents, educators, public health advocates, and food system reformers in Berkeley, California worked together to change the way children learn about food, nutrition, and gardening as well as provide healthy and nutritious meals from-scratch to public school students.

Additional films to be revealed soon.

Paired with these films will be events intended to enhance the understanding and enjoyment of the films, such as a tasting tour of downtown Boulder sushi restaurants led by Local Table Tours. We will add film and event information as it becomes available.

Check back for updates.

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