Our Volunteers

The Flatirons Food Film Festival wouldn’t exist without our volunteers. We’d like to thank the following wonderful people. Help us make the festival even better by joining our crew.

Theo Adley
Steve Austin
Claud Baud
Cristina Baud
Laura Bloom
Jill Brooke
Lou Creech
Rick Cummings
Gus Dawson
Adam Elbeck
Shoshana Fanizza
Will Gletsch
Lexie Justice
Mala Kavaluri
Tim Kenney
Risë Keller
Rob Lantz
Faith Marcelli
Alanna McTighe
Alanna Moore
Shana Moss
Pam Nichols
Manisha Pandit
Shelley Pierce
Andrew Pitofsky
Suzanne Prendergast
Jeff Reid
Curtis Riggs
Patria Rios
Don Roberts
Melissa Russo
Chandler Shoup
Mason Snyder
Deb Whitaker